Have you thought about becoming a registered nurse? An excellent way to start is to become a CNA. But why? 

In early classes, nursing students begin to learn the basics of patient care like taking vitals and safely transferring patients, similar to the work activities of CNAs. 

Going into the healthcare field can be daunting. Becoming a certified nursing assistant can help remove some of your fear of the unknown before going into a nursing career. 

If you’re already a nursing assistant, you have a strong advantage going into a nursing program. You’re familiar with helping people and assisting them with daily activities. 

But one of the best advantages of starting as a CNA is that it allows you to respect the work of all members of the healthcare team. It helps you see every role as essential and not look down on people just because you “outrank” them on the healthcare hierarchy.

Get Started Earning Your CNA Certification Today

CNA jobs are in high demand, with several career opportunities. Starting early with a CNA job can help you jumpstart your career, a field where jobs are also in high demand. 

Working as a certified nursing assistant can also help you decide if working in the healthcare field is a good fit.

Ultimately, working as CNA allows you to help people and make a difference in their lives. There are few things more rewarding than that. Ready to get started? 

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