Inspired By You

We offer the most efficient and affordable way to get you trained and certified as a CNA.

My name is Angelina Zabbo and I relocated to CT 20 yrs ago. A graduate of Hofstra University with a Computer Science Degree and Business minor, my heart always led my career path to offer opportunity to others.

When I became a recruiter for home care agencies, I realized the importance of the skills needed to care for others, your parents, grandparents, friends, someday, maybe you.  Every time I interviewed a potential caregiver, I saw their “heart” sitting in front of me, a heart that wants to help; a heart that wants to care. Not everyone can be a CNA, it takes a “special” heart, it’s a tough career!

Then I would ask questions regarding care and I realized this “heart” has been cheated; I questioned myself, how were they trained? Was the training long enough so they can understand the skills needed to support their passion to care? What did they really learn in the days offered for training?

They invested their time in a program to better themselves, with hopes of employment opportunities and here I am, the recruiter, not able to offer them their hope or opportunity. And that’s when the idea CNA Bootcamp of CT LLC emerged.

My CNA training program will offer this “heart” an opportunity to learn, challenge and grow their skills, empower them to believe and give the confidence needed to make the difference they intend to make with the career and integrity they were shown from my program.


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